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Watch our short and informative video guides to pick up some money tips, learn how to protect your finances and stay vigilant about scams within the payday loan industry.

Scam Update – BBB Warns Against “Jamaican” Phone Scam

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has released a new scam warning about a phone scam originating from Jamaica, targeting American consumers. Referred to as the long-running “Jamaican Phone Scam,” the BBB informs consumers that this has been operating for some time already, with different variations. The Original Jamaican Phone Scam The characteristics of the earliest […]

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Phone Scam Sparked By Payday Loan

According to News First 5, some people who had taken a payday loan were shocked when they got a call from the Department of Law and Investigation saying that they owed more money. The caller said that if they didn’t pay up they would be taken to court and thrown in jail. The department doesn’t […]

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Cash Advance BBB Tips

In an interview with Fox 7 News in Texas, a representative of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) spoke of the action the State Legislature took against some cash advance companies that were exploiting consumers. In the last year, the BBB has handled some 4,000 complaints against payday lenders that have offered loans with confusing terms […]

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