Yearly Household Expenses Calculator

Yearly Household Expenses CalculatorThe Yearly Household Expenses Calculator can help consumers manage their yearly household budgets, even accounting for increases in living costs.

Our Yearly Household Expenses Calculator is a vital tool in your financial planning and management arsenal. Quick, easy to use and accurate, it calculates the percentage increase between your current cost of living and next year’s cost of living in order to give you a clear picture of how much more you will need to include in your expenses budget to make your bills and keep your household running smoothly.


Remember, if the percentage increase in your cost of living for the next year is more than you were expecting, look at effective ways to prune costs here and there. Do you really need to run two cars? Can you do without premium cable channels? How about switching to generic brands or joining a food club or consignment store?

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Costs are rising at the moment far beyond the expectations of most – don’t get caught out. Calculate now what your percentage increase in living expenses will be so that you can save, borrow and budget for it if need be.

How the Yearly Household Expenses Calculator Works

STEP 1: Input your current yearly cost of living number (in dollars): This figure should be the sum of all of your household and living expenses. Take the monthly number and multiply it by 12 for the yearly sum and place in that figure here. For example, if your monthly expenses to run your home, food, car and all bills comes to $2,400, multiplied by 12 comes out to $28,800, so you should put in the number ’28.800.’

STEP 2: Expected Annual Cost of Living Increase (as a number): What is the percentage increase you anticipate? If you want to account for an increase of 5 percent, enter the number ‘5.’ If you want the calculator to give you a figure for a 7 percent increase, enter ‘7.’

STEP 3: Click on ‘Calculate’: The calculator will process the figures you have given to provide an instant sum of the total cost of living for your next year in dollars, accounting for the percentage increase.